Sunstone Lightbody Attunement


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Hari Andri Winarso

Hari Andri Winarso

Master Hari is world recognized as a grand master teacher and author. He has produced some of the finest courses available for inner-power and all system e-manuals by Hari are Master Teacher Manuals which allows you to attune others unless otherwise stated personal or self-use manuals.

Sunstone has strong solar energy and this energy works for when you are depressed or down to help you feel life is worth living.  This energy brings joy, positivity & will re-energize you.  This vibration brings a powerful development of the Merkabah within the lightbody.  Works for SAD disorder. Brings for  manifestation energy from the Solar Plexus and Intuition through the 3rd Eye Chakra.  Works with Sacral Chakra for creativity and sexuality… for all areas of your life.


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