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Rosemary Noel

Rosemary Noel

Master Noel writes in her personal manuals, "The energy of the attunement to the system you purchase "matches" the energy functions of the system energies and allows you to activate all functions of the systems energies. Once you have received that dose of energy via your attunement to the system of the manual you purchased, your body and spirit will recognize this energy stream and give you easy access in the future".

Smudging is a Sacred Ceremony. I channeled this energy when doing a house clearing for a client who had repeated negativity attacks. After one sweep of the home peace was made with this energy & there was renewal and refreshed energy.

Smudging is the burning of herbs or incense for cleansing, purification, protection of physical and spiritual bodies, banishment of negative energies and creation of sacred space. The smoke attaches itself to negative energy and as the smoke clears it takes the negative energy with it releasing it to another space with it will be transformed into positive energy. What then is Sacred Etheric Smudge Essence? This is a technique to utilize the same energy of smudging without the actual burning of herbs or incense. This method is particularly effective for those of you with health issues that prevent you from burning herbs or incense at home; or those of you with loved ones who dislike the ritual of buring smudge in the home. One of the most powerful uses of Sacred Etheric Smudge Essence is that it can be sent over distance to a person, place or situation – there are no global or universal restrictions of sending this energy. Etheric Sacred Smudge

Etheric Sacred Smudge Essence Will Work:

As a Negativity Cleanser – For Mind, Body & Spirit
As a Negativity Remover – For Work, Home, Car, Sacred Space, Outside Home
As a Etheric Cord Remover – From Psychic Vampires
As a Negative Enity Remover
For Purification
To Create Positive Energy
To Refresh & Renew
To Make Peace With Energy
To Concencrate Space
To Drive Away Bad Spirits and Influences
To Send Remotely To People Places and Objects
To Assist in Karma Removal
Use Before Psychic Work

You will learn how to:

Smudge Yourself
Smudge Others
Smudge Animals
Smudge Objects
Smudge Outside Your Home or Sacred Space
Smudge 4 Directions
Smudge Before Mediation
Smudging and Divination
Smudging and Reiki
Smudge Your Bath
Smudge Your Food


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