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Argandini Titisari

Argandini Titisari

Multiple Reiki Master/Teacher

Quantum Lights Vibrational works in the Heart, Throat and Third Eye chakras. It clears the Throat Chakra so that one may openly express one’s inner wisdom and soul’s consciousness. The high vibrational energy of this attunement connects the energies of the Heart and Third eye allowing for one’s consciousness to be fully integrated and harmonized.

Quantum Lights Vibrational has a high vibrational “Light” energy helping to activate and purify one physical vehicle at the cellular level. It helps one to raise one’s vibrations to a high level so that lower vibrational energies that cause physical degeneration cannot remain. Quantum Lights Vibrational thus aids in the awakening of one’s “Light Body”, and helps one with the Ascension process.Quantum Lights Vibrational restores lost spiritual trust and Cosmic Goddess Empowerments finds it restores spiritual disconnection, and promotes a connection to higher guidance. It is a useful attunement to hold when journeying out of the body, especially to the higher spiritual spheres.


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