Psychic Vision Crystals 2013


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Lavinia Sina Szendrei

Lavinia Sina Szendrei

The founder of magical energy systems is Lavinia Sina Shendrey. A charming lady, a very enlightened esotericist, in many fields of knowledge.

Today, Lavinia is one of the most respected and successful Masters and Coaches in Germany, with an impeccable reputation, trainer of the Kryon School, Medium of the New Time, Reiki Master / Teacher, Magician, Healer, Medium Channeller, Writing Medium, Talking Medium, Cleansing medium, energy worker, magician, clairvoyant, diviner, spiritual advisor, animal communicator, animal healer, amadeus shaman.

Psychic Vision Crystals energies brings you an extremely pure and powerful Energy. The Energy contains ethereal Light Crystals. They arrive and do their work in combination with the Energy of this System

It will even search energetic paths through your Energy Fields to empower you for psychic visions. Your third Eye will be opened, cleared and empowered during the Attunement. It greatly reinforce the Intuition and Empathy.

Daniels Place recommends you use this Energy for certain purposes so that it can accompany you in certain situations and when you feel spiritually or to “stagnate”. Any negative Energy will be literally burned away by this Energy. It is icy cold and hot as fire at the same time and remove EVERYTHING that your stands in the way of your mental and spiritual development energetically.


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