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Lavinia Sina Szendrei

Lavinia Sina Szendrei

The founder of magical energy systems is Lavinia Sina Shendrey. A charming lady, a very enlightened esotericist, in many fields of knowledge.

Today, Lavinia is one of the most respected and successful Masters and Coaches in Germany, with an impeccable reputation, trainer of the Kryon School, Medium of the New Time, Reiki Master / Teacher, Magician, Healer, Medium Channeller, Writing Medium, Talking Medium, Cleansing medium, energy worker, magician, clairvoyant, diviner, spiritual advisor, animal communicator, animal healer, amadeus shaman.

In Magica Factorem means the Magic Factor Empower yourself with the magical factor, which is far more than a mystical, alluring aura or a high charisma. It is that “certain something” that magical spark that radiates out from the inside.

It IS the magic that rests in YOU and change the reality.

Arouse your magical factor!

Effects that may occur through In Magica Factorem:

  • Sudden success
  • Magical abilities
  • Higher point of view
  • Abolition of limitations
  • New attitude to life/point of view
  • Creation of a “new” aura
  • Spiritual awakening/knowledge
  • Awakening psychic abilities
  • Discovery of hidden things
  • Discovery of new traits and abilities
  • Understanding from not understood
  • Bring mysticism, magic, ecstasy, bliss and much more!


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