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Hari Andri Winarso

Hari Andri Winarso

Master Hari is world recognized as a grand master teacher and author. He has produced some of the finest courses available for inner-power and all system e-manuals by Hari are Master Teacher Manuals which allows you to attune others unless otherwise stated personal or self-use manuals.

Green-Light Shower is a beautiful and useful energy system with high energy pattern. The energy of Green Light enhance spiritual communication and to clear communication blocks. Green-Light Shower helps to promote verbal self-expression. Work with Green-Light Shower to help overcome judgment of others and encourage tolerance.

Green-Light Shower can also work with the Heart Chakra by helping one to realize their innermost truth. It facilitates the releasing of old patterns of behavior that no longer serve, which can actually inhibit personal and spiritual growth. Activate the Green-Light Shower before meditation can bring new insights from the higher self to be applied in daily life.

Green-Light Shower also helps to open the intuitive mind, bringing higher frequency information in through the Third Eye Chakra. The flowing energies of Green-Light Shower can balance the subtle bodies, align the chakras, and contribute to one recognizing and harmonizing with the natural flow of life.

Physically, Green-Light Shower is excellent for ameliorating ailments of the Throat Chakra organs such as the thyroid and the pituitary, and can calm sore throats. Green-Light Shower is also helpful for allergic responses, by its action of calming an over reactive immune system.


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