Etheric Clearing Sequence Level 1


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Hari Andri Winarso

Hari Andri Winarso

Master Hari is world recognized as a grand master teacher and author. He has produced some of the finest courses available for inner-power and all system e-manuals by Hari are Master Teacher Manuals which allows you to attune others unless otherwise stated personal or self-use manuals.

Etheric Clearing Attunement clears unlimitedly on a plantery, Solar, Galactic, Universal, Multiverse and Omniverse levels. This attunement allow us to clear/purge hundreds of negative and dis-empowering beliefs and programs that you are carrying on all levels and on others with their permission. After the clearing/purging is done the places/spaces that were cleared, are filled with light and sealed. You can also run the Etheric Clearing through the timelines which means you are extending the clearing through life experiences on all levels.

You can clear/purge things like:

Anger, Rage, Resentment, Anxiety and Fear.
Home, Car, Real-Estate, Property and Healing/world service spaces and Places.
Crystals and all personal belongings.
Chakra and Aura Clearing. Less-Than-Love Cords, Hooks Beings and influences. Clearing your pets.

Programs and beliefs around unworthiness and hundreds of other negative and dis-empowering beliefs.

Clearing any less-than-love energies, beings and influences that are impacting your energy fields. Clearing your money and all of your financial and economic exchanges. Clearing any less-than-love energies, thought forms, feelings and programs you picked up through empathy with, resonance to or interactions with other people. Negative self talk random inner dialogue and muck more.


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