Energetic Heat Infusion System


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Ferry Puthut Handoko

Ferry Puthut Handoko

A student of Hari Winarso, Ferry is now a founding author of over 300 energy sytems. All system e-manuals by Ferry are Master Teacher Manuals which allows you to attune others unless otherwise stated personal or self-use manuals.

Energetic Heat Infusion System is a tool that supports to increase mastery and self awareness to next level. It gives support to our spirituality to always be connected and aligned with the will energy of the universe. It provides energy endorsement which is very helpful in the process of healing, meditation and spiritual empowerment. It has a calming energy and is able to bring a sense of comfort in a stressful situation. Energetic Heat Infusion System works continuously on each individual Chakra to balance and neutralize any negativity that interfere the energy metabolism within the body. Is a good fuel to support spiritual and mental growth.

Energetic Heat Infusion System increase self respect and bring excitement and joy. It push up courage and strengthen intellect to be able to work harder with a higher degree of accuracy. Physically, it stabilize the suddenly increased heart rate and facilitate the oxygen supply to the brain to improve concentration.


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