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Hari Andri Winarso

Hari Andri Winarso

Master Hari is world recognized as a grand master teacher and author. He has produced some of the finest courses available for inner-power and all system e-manuals by Hari are Master Teacher Manuals which allows you to attune others unless otherwise stated personal or self-use manuals.

Earth Sphere Energetic does not hold negative energy, transmuting it instantly. This modality is excellent for enhancing psychic abilities and grounding them in everyday reality and for removing blockages from your spiritual path.

It is a useful tool for energetic removing vows taken in other lives, especially Those of poverty and chastity.

Earth Sphere Energetic clears away any beliefs and thought forms That keep you mired in poverty, opening the way to abundance.

This Earth Sphere Energetic purifies the etheric blueprint and removes the effects of detrimental attitudes from the past. Also it assists you to move out of Circumstances or an environment That does not allow you to expand.

Earth Sphere Energetic is an excellent psychic clearing tool and an earth healer. it protects against electromagnetic or geopathic pollution and its effects draws out of the subtle body


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