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Argandini Titisari

Argandini Titisari

Multiple Reiki Master/Teacher

DNA Lights Reiki is a simple system, but don’t underestimate even this system is simple. It is very powerful energy from the Source. This is the golden – silver lights, entering our Crown Chakra and then move to our When you works with the DNA Lights Reiki, you will be eased to achieve a state where your body’s powerful healing mechanism kicks in. While in this state, life force energy will be focused on healing and maintenance of your body rather than movement and reaction. In this state a powerful transformation takes place that will help your body become healthier and stronger. Not only does the DNA Lights Reiki promote DNA healing and repair, but can also assist in muscle recovery and healing in general! Re Heart Chakra, from the heart flow in our whole body, cells, and DNA to repair and heal them.  T


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