Divine Melody Vibration


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Hari Andri Winarso

Hari Andri Winarso

Master Hari is world recognized as a grand master teacher and author. He has produced some of the finest courses available for inner-power and all system e-manuals by Hari are Master Teacher Manuals which allows you to attune others unless otherwise stated personal or self-use manuals.

This Divine Melody Vibration has strong vibration within the Thymus or Higher Heart Chakra to encourage you to open your heart to Divine love. It has a soothing vibration that calms ADHD and hyperactivity.

This Divine Melody Vibration surrounds you in a bubble of high-vibration golden light that is a barrier against negativity. It has metaphysical properties that may align you with Divine will as it aids you to release fear. It is an excellent vibration for emotional healing and may heal romantic relationships through its loving energy. This strong psychic protection energy deepens intuition and will also assist you to heal any holes in the aura caused by drug or alcohol abuse.

This Divine Melody Vibration has a powerful energy that brings all aspects of your etheric body into alignment. It kindles love and harmony within the etheric body and has a strong healing action within the emotional body. It allows you to be able to contact the Divine mind directly and this may aid you to bring spiritual insights into your day to day life and aid you to deal with emotional problems.


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