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Argandini Titisari

Argandini Titisari

Multiple Reiki Master/Teacher

As human beings, we are all placed on this earth in a physical body. Many of us may choose to do the work of spirit and therefore become aware that there is much to life than just a physical body. As we become in tune with ourselves and those around us realize that everything and anything is made up of energy.

We have all been aware of standing in a queue and feeling uncomfortable as someone steps in to our space. This is them invading our aura (energy field), and if our energy field is unprotected we will pick up on any energy that they may be giving out. This energy can be both positive and negative and it is important for us to learn that we can pick up and taken on board this energy especially as we start to develop our intuition and spiritual awareness. We become more sensitive to the energies that constantly surround us, and it then becomes important to know what we should do to avoid becoming susceptible to any negativity that we may encounter.

The more spiritually aware and intuitive we are the more sensitive we become to all energies around us. We especially need to be aware of protecting our energy fields when dealing with other people as a healer/medium or clairvoyant for example. We need to make sure that we don’t take any unnecessary emotions problems that the client may have brought with them.

Crystalline Green Light Protection is a system which used as a shield or protector from negative energy. It can facilitate an aura of protection that deflects lower or negative energy vibrations from your energy field to prevent them manifesting in your life.

This system may be used in combination with other energetic protection and healing modalities. It may also be used on a regular basis to maintain protection of your energy field.


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