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Mariah Windsong-Couture

Mariah Windsong-Couture

Most systems by Mariah are Master Teacher eManuals which allows you to attune and share energies with others if you are a Reiki Master. In addition there are many self-use systems available for your personal use only.

Rosemary Noel

Rosemary Noel

Master Noel writes in her personal manuals, "The energy of the attunement to the system you purchase "matches" the energy functions of the system energies and allows you to activate all functions of the systems energies. Once you have received that dose of energy via your attunement to the system of the manual you purchased, your body and spirit will recognize this energy stream and give you easy access in the future".

What are some indicators that you may want to activate Attunement Reversal Empowerment?

  • Unexplained fear about accepting or working with new energies
  • Lack of motivation when previously excited about spiritual energies
  • Feeling contaminated
  • Feeling an unknown force pressing upon you
  • Feeling unbalanced in body or emotions
  • Feeling unbalanced in body or emotions

About this system:

The energies of Attunement Reversal Empowerment are very simple to use and when activated will reverse and de-activate any opening or connection you may have that is not in your highest joyful, easy good! It will dissolve all links with any energies that are not of Eternal Sacred Source, thus promoting your secure connection with eternal life, love and light! Properly provided attunements simply give you the privilege of accessing a particular energy stream or the energy of a spiritual being when you consciously choose to enter into and receive the flow of that energy. If you feel like you have a window or door open and there is a flow stuck on open, you can consciously turn that off with your intention. If that does not work, then activating this Attunement Reversal Empowerment is an excellent way to disconnect from an energy flow that does not serve your eternal highest good. This works at once for all systems you’ve ever been attuned to. You may wish to activate Attunement Reversal Empowerment on a regular basis as part of your spiritual hygiene routine to be sure that you are only attuned to Eternal Sacred Source related systems. Then, there might possibly be times when your spiritual path changes and you no longer want to be connected to certain energies, energy systems or symbols.    Sometimes, your energy is not in alignment with specific energies any longer. While simply not working with those specific energies you were connected to should be sufficient, there may be times & systems you would just like to be “de-attuned” from. These energies are for your personal use, you may attune others but not de-attune another.


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