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Argandini Titisari

Argandini Titisari

Multiple Reiki Master/Teacher

The Attraction Magnetic Field channeled directly from the source as a higher frequency of the Life Force.

The energy of Attraction Magnetic Field work to increase to the body’s vibration, Which end of tunes and magnifies your magnetic field projection. The main method of the Attraction Magnetic Field called “Universal Attraction Field “Once this field is activated you will attract the desires of your heart and the Truth held Within Your subconscious.

It is best to perform Universal Attraction Field after you have cleansed physically and emotionally, self-actualized and transmuted the perceived Traumas of your past into a memory That does not hold a negative emotional charge.

Be careful what you focus on Because it will manifest into reality very quickly.

Attraction Magnetic Field Also has physical benefits, it is a powerful energy offering the strongest antimicrobial, anti-infectious, antibacterial, antiviral.

The energy Creates a protective shield. Attraction Magnetic Field Strengthens the immune system. Expect to become fine-tuned in all aspects of your life.

Attraction Magnetic Field will That eliminated the irritating disturbances have taken root Throughout all body systems


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