Amethyst Essence + Source 2017 mp3 attunement


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About the Founder(s)

Ole Gabrielsen

Ole Gabrielsen

Ole is an Scandinavian healing teacher from Denmark.

Some people might know me as the founder of healing systems like Kundalini Reiki, Full Spectrum Light and Original Reiki. I have been fortunate enough to have been able to teach people in several countries for over 20 years.

Amethyst Source 2017 MP3 attunement connects to you so you can create Amethyst Source antennas. The Amethyst Source 2017 antennas create anything that comes into it’s field into Amethyst Source 2017 antenna. You can make all the source antenas as you were taught in Prana. I also recommend you receive te Amethyst Essence attunement..

What is an audio attunement?

An audio attunement is a mp3 file with sound/music that has received the energy structure/signature of a specific attunement. When you play the file, you, the listener receives the attunement in much the same way as if it where passed on “traditionally”.


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