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Gabriela Yasmin Szafman

Gabriela Yasmin Szafman

I am Reiki Grandmaster/ Teacher and Founder of Various Channeled Reiki systems.
I am eternally grateful to the Divine Spirituality to have shown and open my Spiritual Path and Mission …

Alpan, is an Etruscan Goddess.

Also known as Alpanu, she was the Etruscan goddess of the art of sexual love.
She is probably one of the Lasas, Fate-Goddesses who have Underworld connections.

Like many other Etruscan Goddesses, She was often shown bearing great wings.
Her name means “Gift” or “Offering”, with “Willingness”. She is usually portrayed free of clothing.

She is sometimes called a Love-goddess.

Additionally, others call Alpan a Goddess of Springtime, who creates the myriad plants that come forth from the ground, and in some depictions She is shown holding bouquets of flowers or leaves.

Goddess Alpan Will Help You With:

  • · Sexual Love
  • · Love in Relations
  • · Enhance your Beauty
  • · Feel more Sensual
  • · Feeling more Youthful and Energetic


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