Aizen Myo (Ayzen Myo)


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Gabriela Yasmin Szafman

Gabriela Yasmin Szafman

I am Reiki Grandmaster/ Teacher and Founder of Various Channeled Reiki systems.
I am eternally grateful to the Divine Spirituality to have shown and open my Spiritual Path and Mission …

Aizen Myo is a Mahayana Buddhist deity from the Esoteric and Vajrayna Tradition. He is especially venerated in the Japanese Buddhist schools of Shingon and Tendai, and the general Chinese Esoteric schools of Tángmì and Mìzōng.

Aizen Myo is known to transform worldly lust into spiritual awakening. Originally a Hindu deity, he was adapted into Mahayana Buddhism.

Aizen Myo represents the state at which sexual excitement or agitation can be channeled towards enlightenment and passionate love can become compassion for all living things. God of Love and Lust among Japan’s Esoteric sects.

King of Sexual Passion, converts earthly desires (love/lust) into spiritual awakening; saves people from the pain that comes with love. He will turn your desires towards enlightenment.In fact, his name means “Love,” and he represents the idea of love changed into the Buddhist desire for Enlightenment.

Aizen is celebrated in Japanese rites to achieve harmony and friendship, to succeed in one’s romantic endeavors, to gain the love and respect of others, and to reach a clear understanding of the Dharma (Buddhist law).

Aizen is closely connected with the magical wish-granting jewel (cintamani), as are other Buddhist deities, especially Nyoirin Kannon, Jizo Bosatsu, and Kichijouten.

When colored, he is typically bright red, suggesting the force of the passions, yet, at the same time, the vigor of his compassion. His lion headdress indicates that *Aizen* possesses the strength of the five wisdom Buddhas. His three eyes are able to see the “three realms”:

Aizen Myo can assist you with:

  • Success in Romantic Relations
  • Sexual Desire & Passion
  • Romantic Sexual Love
  • Love & Lust
  • Spiritual Awakening
  • Good Luck
  • Happy Marriages
  • Eliminates Conflicts in Any Relationship
  • Turns Desire into Enlightment
  • Frees You from Sufferings and Afflictions
  • Be Irresistible & Admired
  • Assistance with Physical & Emotional
  • Frustrations of Suppressed Love
  • Self Love
  • To Gain Love & Respect from Others
  • Protection Destroying Evil


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