24 Strand DNA Activation


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12 Strand DNA Activation


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Rosemary Noel

Rosemary Noel

Master Noel writes in her personal manuals, "The energy of the attunement to the system you purchase "matches" the energy functions of the system energies and allows you to activate all functions of the systems energies. Once you have received that dose of energy via your attunement to the system of the manual you purchased, your body and spirit will recognize this energy stream and give you easy access in the future".

DNA contains the master plan of the Divine capabilities for your life and your purpose on Earth. . With 24 Strand DNA Activation you will progress toward a higher consciousness and activation of additional dormant DNA strands and multi-dimensional integration will occur; your physical and spiritual lineage will be more defined. Your divine blueprint becomes clearer and your brain capacity increases and so much more. This is a master teacher attunement so after receiving you can attune others.


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