Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize there growth.

‘Spiritual Coaching is a partnership to create meaningful change, transformation and lasting success in life and business. It’s not only about change: it’s about transformation and not just reaching goals but being present with the process. ‘It’s really helping people develop the way they work. ‘I think a spiritual perspective can help to deepen our own lives and help us to gain more meaning and purpose and that then impacts on the work that we do, whether that’s coaching or any other kind of work.

What does a spiritual coach do?

In the basics of things, a spiritual coach is just like any other life coach: he/she helps others light up the path that lies between them and their goals, and offers guidance on how to jump the hurdles that stand in the way. Uniquely though, a spiritual coach helps people solve their issues by delving to the root cause of the matter as opposed to tackling the problem at a superficial level or using a generalized approach. He/she assists people to explore their inner selves and brings to the fore universal connections with the aim of creating satisfaction or purpose from deep within.

What do clients gain from spiritual coaching?

Block resolution

Typically, many people have no clue what their purpose is in life. In some cases, people have an idea about where they’d like to be, but the road to that destination seems hazy and unclear. The majority of these uncertainties and doubts stem from old patterns, stories, and wounds that continually prove a stumbling block. Spiritual coaching means identifying these blocks so the client can figure out how to get around them and journey on to their objectives.
In the place of hurtful stories that prevent progress, a spiritual coach plants hope in the form of new stories geared to motivate to get past identified traumas. Additionally, they offer a lending hand in self-discovery and acceptance because self-acknowledgment is often the key to success and provides a tremendous drive to do better.

Actionable plan creation

Akin to how traffic police keep drivers in check on the road, a spiritual coach ensures you’re accountable on the road of life. After working out your purpose, desires, or goals, a coach helps map out the path ahead with an elaborate plan, fuelled by universal principles, among other tools. When the client veers from the right track, it is the coach’s job to set them straight and ensure they keep on the path to their goals. Additionally, they’ll help their clients figure out how to have the universe on their side.

Desire reveals

Purpose can be as elusive as a winter sun in Alaska, mostly because people aren’t quite sure what it is they truly desire. The answer to that question usually lies deep in the subconscious, and a spiritual coach helps dig deep within, beyond the smokescreen of misguided passions and onto the real desires. Breaking habitual confines that have defined wants for years in a client’s life, spiritual coaches bring to the fore unadulterated desires.

Clarity of purpose

How many times have you stayed up late at night, wondering what your true purpose is and why you are where you are? Chances are, you’ve thought about it now and again. Sometimes you feel like you’re off the road you need to be on and are curious why it is you feel that way. A spiritual coach identifies such misalignments in the lives of their clients and aims to ensure joy, satisfaction, love, and connection in the jobs we do and other aspects of daily living.

In a nutshell, here are the issues spiritual coaches typically tend to:

  • Identifying fulfilling career paths
  • Enabling clients to forge more profound and meaningful connections with others
  • Inspiring confidence and determination to deal with health issues
  • Helping clients find inner peace and happiness with who they are
  • Assisting clients to figure out their purpose
  • Nudging others toward financial freedom
  • Helping clients to deal with anxiety and stress

Costs for coaching is set on € 30,00 per hour.